Company "ProfiPol Group" works in the market everything industrial, commercial and design flooring since 2000.
Has the right to exclusive brands of flooring materials and styling.

We spetsializuemsya on contract supply of domestic and foreign materials, as well as contract work at any scale.
Our specialists are always ready to carry out the technical expertise of the existing subfloor in your premises.
Quickly and efficiently help you in choosing the right coverage.

By mutual consent Our experts perform the full range of preparatory and main works in the shortest possible time and time convenient for you.
stacking modular PVC floor coverings,
laying laminate and vinyl dizanerkih coatings
self-leveling polyurethane and epoxy coatings
device coating of rubber crumb,
the color of the concrete floor,
anti-slip device and highly filled polymer coatings
dedusting concrete floor,
grinding and milling concrete floor.

When you create a minimum inconvenience to the customer, such as the peculiar treatment of concrete surfaces high dust separation, noise level, the need to suspend or stop production at the time of work.
In the production of polymer coatings of our partners we are able to quickly pick up or make you the most suitable option for coating specifications and colors.
You need to build a polymeric floor office, garage, warehouse, manufacturing, retail premises, hospital, or other areas? Our experts in your application ready to help. We work in Moscow, Moscow and other regions.

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